Recalibrate for the New (Year)

18th, 21st & 28th December

A 3-part  online journey into reflecting on this past year, connecting with your soul to call in what you truly desire and a look ahead into the new year through the lens of astrology

These turbulent times we live in demand for us to reconnect and live from our soul to ignite and create a new a new, more soulful world. This 3-part online journey is designed to help you go within, reflect on this past year, to connect with your deepest soul desire and plant the seeds to birth those desires.

Come and join us in this beautiful sacred gathering at the end of 2022, dive into the mysticism of this magical time, pause, reflect and reconnect with your inner calling and deepest soul desires! Allow yourself to draw in the support from the cosmos and receive guidance on how to further follow the breadcrumbs of your soul leading you into the New (Year).

We are so looking forward to have you with us in the this 3-part Journey experience! If you have any questions feel free to reach out at any time :)

Closing of the Year Ceremony

18 December 2022
7pm-8.30pm Dublin Time
(Find your local time by clicking here)

Let’s honour the cycles of divine nature and our own. Let’s take time to go within, balance ourselves and step into the vast silence at the end of the year to tap into contemplation and gratitude. Let’s find deep surrender within our hearts to let go of all that no longer serves us and to invite in the unknown of the new in absolute faith from within.

Experience a soothing ‘End of the Year Cacao Ceremony' paired with..

  • sacred cacao ritual & Ho’oponopono prayer
  • contemplation, gratitude & journaling exercises
  • sharing & caring for each other
  • meditation & end relaxation

Come and be a part of this beautiful ceremony where we join each other online while diving in from the comfort of our own home. Experience the gentle, sweet yet powerful spirit of this nourishing and healing plant medicine! If you are new to cacao magic or looking for some ceremonial grade cacao please see the additional FAQ section below

Winter Solstice Ritual

21 December 2022
7pm-8.30pm Dublin Time
(Find your local time by clicking here)

Let's gather around the virtual cauldron on this longest night and shortest day. Where the light triumphs over the darkness and we plant the seeds for all that is to come later in the year.

This is time for receiving and listening to the whispers of our soul, of dreaming of all the possibilities that reside within us and allowing visions to form. 

Experience a powerful ritual to celebrate the Winter Solstice including ..

  • visioning meditation & reflection inquiries
  • igniting the collective wisdom of this time
  • sharing & caring for each other

You will receive additional journal prompts and a meditation to listen to at home as well

Astrology Forecast

28 December 2022
7pm-8.30pm Dublin Time
(Find your local time by clicking here)

Let’s tap together into the cosmic energies of 2023 and explore how the planetary energies will impact us on a collective and individual level. 

This next year we continue the rollercoaster ride of human evolution as we embark on the journey of stepping into a New Paradigm! Sounds exciting?! It for sure will be! This astrological forecast will be broken down in an easy way, so don’t worry if you are new to Astrology! You will receive

  • the 3 main astrological topics of 2023
  • an introduction into the Age of Aquarius
  • an additional quick sharing of how to step into your soul mission for next year with the help of your lunar Nodes in your Birth Chart

Come join us and get ready for the New with cosmic support!

The facilitators

As a cacao creatrix & evolutionary astrologer I work in a fusion with the cosmic energies and my own higher channel. I am devoted to step up as a leader of the Aquarian Age for trailblazers, cycle breakers, paradigm shifters and legacy claimers. Welcome to my multidimensional space of living and loving the unknown while growing the roots for a New Earth in a sovereign and spiritually embodied way. Can’t wait to connect with you!

Anna von der Grün

I'm an empath, highly sensitive and intuitive, a healer, creative, author but most of all I'm a teacher of foundness. For all the souls that don't feel like they belong, that don't know where to go, what to do or even who they are. I'm on a mission to help those to live their most authentic life by removing old limiting beliefs, healing trauma and tapping into their deepest souls desires.

Christine Schnell

Energy Exchange

€1 - €44

We are all about creating a new world and giving people agency. That includes our pricing.

We have decided to let YOU decide on the price you want or can afford to pay

  • 3 Live Calls
  • 2 Rituals
  • Private Community Space
  • Meditation & Reflection Journal Prompts
  • Meeting a community of like-minded souls
  • Recordings of each call


First time participating in a cacao ceremony?

Well, just leap into the unknown with an open heart free from expectations 😊

How to prepare for the cacao ceremony:

Please eat only something light beforehand and avoid dairy products as well as caffeine and alcohol during the day. Cacao can do its magic best when hydrated so please make sure to drink some water prior. Cacao is not recommended for pregnant women or people who are taking heart medication/ anti-depressants. If so, you are welcome to join the ceremony without cacao, having a smaller serving or just go for a nice cup of tea 😊 (Please always discuss with your doctor or therapist first).

If you need to order some cacao, feel free to have a look at the products in my cacao shop BeyondYouAwake (in case you are based outside of the EU please reach out to me and I can give you some recommendations):

If you need insights on how to prepare your cup of cacao you can always download my Free Sacred Cacao Guide here:

How to prepare for the Winter Solstice Ritual

We invite you to create a little altar for this Winter Solstic Ritual. It can be as elaborate or simple as you wish. Below are some suggestions of things to put on this altar.

  • Something representing the divine feminine or a written note of your intention for this coming year
  • Something representing what you let go of 
  • Large candle
  • Sacred evergreens such as Ivy, Mistletoe, Pine, Yew, Holly
  • Holy water (leaving water out for 3 days/nights since our call on 18th)
  • Anything else you are drawn to such as  incense, a grounding oil, feathers, water, stones or crystals

    Please bring a pen & paper

What if I can't attend all 3 calls?

Of course we would love for you to be there on the live calls, but don't worry if you can't. All 3 recordings will be made available to you. 

How long do I have access to the material?

You will have access to the event material within the community space until January 1st. You are welcome to download the calls and supporting material until then. The community space will be closed from Jan 1st. 

What do you mean I can choose my price?

As part of our effort to create a new world and support anyone on this journey we have decided to:

  • to give agency back to you and allow you to make a choice of what you can and want to pay for this event.
  • make it affordable to anyone. Yes, you can pay anything between €1 and a maximum of €44 for this event.