My Story

Hi, I'm Christine

As a child I was happy, full of joy and laughter. No task was too big. I knew I could achieve anything I set my mind to. My mom tells me that, at the age of 3, I snuck off to the top of the mountain on a skiing holiday all by myself only to come racing down the mountain like a firecracker.  I had no fear and nothing was too big to achieve. I was also a very sensitive child. I was able to pick up on feelings and dynamics between adults that I had no business in knowing and would call them out on it.

At the age of 10 everything changed. My parents divorced and I had to leave the life I knew behind to start a new life, including my beloved dog. In ways I gained a lot of freedom and opportunities. I started travelling overseas on my own when I was 13 to learn English. My reasons behind wanting to travel were more a rebellious act and escape and from the life I didn't want to lead. I was utterly lost, numb and angry at having my life ripped apart and taken away from me. I became an expert in people pleasing and perfectionism, giving myself up in the process, as I believed that was the only way I was worthy of love and affection.

Escaping through travel became a real pattern for me all throughout my life. I even escaped my own country and moved to Ireland thinking I can start over and no one knows how broke I really am. Things took a turn when I escaped on a whim when my first boyfriend at the time broke up with me. I was 27. I know what you're thinking. 27? What happened in all those years in between...Well, up until that point I had walked through life numb and shut off from even the possibility of love and affection. When he broke up with me, I had a breakdown and did what I knew best...I escaped. Within 2 weeks of him breaking up with me I found myself in Byron Bay, Australia at a yoga retreat. That was the beginning of my journey to heal and come home to myself.

For the next 11 years I walked through life trying to create the life I wanted walking the path of self-development learning not only yoga, meditation and pranayama but also starting to answer the call to other ancient practices like the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Ho'oponopono and Celtic Practices. I left the corporate world and worked as freelancer in all sorts of areas that interested me. From marketing to yoga, massage work, photography and anything in between. I ended up marrying, buying a house and adopting a dog. To the outside world my life was perfect. I had freedom of working hours I wanted, I travelled the world to study with amazing teachers and healers. My happily ever after was here.

Until everything broke down.

Behind closed doors I was living entangled in codependency and a toxic relationship that was based on the the belief that I was not enough. I was battling depression, low self-worth and was merely existing. I had completely given up on myself in all aspects of my life. I was desperately trying to find myself again, yet I held on to all those limiting beliefs I had built my whole life on.

Eventually, through all the self-development and transformational work I had been doing,  I had a choice to make.

Either transform, let go of all the limiting beliefs and the life I had built based on them.
Go back to a life of suffering, self-hatred and merely existing.

Deep down I knew what I had to do. I had to lose everything to find myself again. I had to leave behind my husband, my house and my business I had spent 10 years building. I had to make a stand for myself. Reclaim my own freedom, power and gifts. I had to trust in myself and a higher power that I am 100% supported in being exactly who I was born to be. I had to go back to the essence of the child that could achieve anything she wanted to do.

Born from all this is my calling. I am here to help people transform and become free. Free from physical pain, condition, limiting belief and even ancestral ties that keep them from living the life they are meant to live. I'm a healer and wisdom carrier. I draw upon all the wisdom of the ancient practices I've learnt over the years, tap into my own intuitive gifts and call upon spirit and ancestors to support the healing that's required.

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