Our body stores everything we've ever experienced. We hold on to every little comment, every hurt and trauma we (and sometimes even our ancestors) have experienced. 

For most people the body is the easiest way to know that something is out of alignment. The back hurts, the back and neck, the knee gives us trouble. To me, the aches and pains in our body we experience, are the last resort of our body to communicate with us that something is out of alignment. Mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

My healing work is based on the Hawaiian healing called Lomi Lomi where we look at the whole person and try to get to the root of the problem even if that means looking at what's going on on an unseen level. We re-align the body through gently yet deeply working into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing touch. 

Through the combination of pure intention, prayer, breath and the bodywork we release any blocks that are present - physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, energetically and any underlying limiting beliefs. 

By healing the body we can heal the 'unseen' and bring the body/mind/soul back into alignment through the ancient Hawaiian Healing Arts, Ancestral support and the Spirit of Aloha.

Only if we let go of the ego and what we think needs to happen take a step back and allow the spirit, higher-self, and our ancestors to step in to provide healing and guidance. Only this way can we heal fully.

My transformational work is a blend of all my abilities, gifts and knowledge from various different ancient traditions I have studied over the past 15 years.  Every session is different and I work intuitively with the body, let it tell me what needs to be released. I call upon spirit and the ancestors to work through me while drawing upon all the tools required to shift the energy and let healing take place. 

In the session I call up on any of these tools
Lomi Lomi

Ho'oponopono - the ancient Hawaiian practice to live in harmony and alignment with yourself, others and the Universe.

Somatic Therapy Tools

Celtic Wisdom including Celtic Wheel

Intuitive gifts

Life Coaching




Oracle Card Readings


Our job on this earth is to unlearn and heal any underlying limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns and traumas that we carry with us. 

My Journey

For as long as I can remember I've been on the search for something. Something to bring me back home to myself and make me whole again. To be free. Free from the pain I was experiencing physically and emotionally.

I was 10 years old when I went through a traumatic experience that would define most of my life. I decided that I was not worthy of love. I became an overachiever, people pleaser, got lost in perfectionism all the while I completely abandoned myself which ultimately resulted in more trauma via an abusive relationship.

I've always struggled with migraines, digestive issues, back problems and depression. No doctor could make sense of all my symptoms and I was more than once called crazy.

 It wasn't until I answered the call to learn about ancient practices that looked at the whole picture- mind, body, soul and ancestral traumas- that things started to make sense and that my inner demons caused my physical symptoms.
I needed to work on release my trauma and limiting beliefs for my physical symptoms to ease.  

So I spent that past 15 years working through the layers trauma and beliefs with healers, coaches and my teachers to heal and release layer after layer. To finally come home to myself.

The me that I always knew was there, but I had lost.


Christine has been giving me Lomi Lomi Healing for over a year now and the change in my body is amazing.  There are certain people who can transform not only your body, but also the atmosphere and Christine has that gift.  She is comforting and spiritual while providing medicinal bodywork that you don’t realise are actually healing you, because they are so relaxing!  I have suffered from misalignment for so many years and Christine was the first one to spot it and treat it properly.   I can’t recommend her enough.


Transformation is possible for all of us. 

But you need to be ready.
Ready to believe transformation and healing is possible.
Ready to commit and do whatever it takes to let go of pain, trauma and limiting beliefs that hold you back. 

What you'll gain from these transformational healing sessions:

The healing in the body, mind and spirit
Tools to take home and empower you to transform your own life afterwards

Ultimately giving you a sense of agency and lightness & freedom

Ultimately, freedom from emotional and physical pain that may not even be yours to carry in this lifetime. 


The Life, Breath, and Spirit of the Land Endures in right relationship with the people and all living things


Once Off Treatment


Sessions are between 1.5-2 hours long.

These are ideal if you want to get a taste of what the work is like or to want to maintain alignment in your body. 

4 Session

400* (save €44)

Sessions are between 1.5-2 hours long.

Transformation & healing takes time. If you're ready to dive in deep and truly heal, this package is for you.

*Payment Plans are available

 I recommend that you schedule some time for yourself after   the healing to let your soul integrate before you enter the 'real' world again.
Sessions take place in The Heartwings Holistic School, Lucan

What Others Say


the first time I went to Christine for Lomi Lomi healing I felt like I was walking on air for a week after ! I have not stopped going back -and recommend to colleagues friends and family - feeling great from head to toe literally ! Christine is truly gifted in the area. 



I attended Christine for Lomi Lomi healing & I found it absolutely amazing. Really enjoyed meeting Christine & felt so comfortable in her presence. The treatment room was so relaxing that I didn't want to leave. Truly gifted girl & I'm already looking forward to another visit. Christine is very caring & compassionate & would highly recommend her for all age




See the most asked questions

What does a Healing with you feel like?

I tend to describe the experience of lomi lomi as receiving a gigantic nourishing hug. The long strokes and the fact that we work with the spirit of Aloha just adds to this. Because I work with the body and let it tell me where it's ready to release we work in a gentle - yet deep - way with the body.

How will I feel after my healing?

Clients report different feelings; ranging from being relaxed or sleepy, to invigorated and energised. Generally people walk away feeling slightly taller and brighter in their being. Sometimes emotional releases can happen afterwards which is a normal part of the process of releasing things.

Is there ever any reason I can't receive a healing?

There are a number of conditions where I would ask you to seek approval from your doctor before I would treat you. Please ensure that you advise me of all current medical conditions or injuries before booking, as I will then tell you if further authorisation or information is required.

How frequently do I require a healing?

The number of sessions required will always depend on your individual needs.

New clients with chronic conditions (i.e. conditions that they have had for a relatively long period of time) should commit themselves to an initial course of 4 sessions (preferably 7-10 days between each session). This will ensure that the muscular and skeletal corrections, that will assist in your specific healing, have time to integrate. 

For those in good health or having recovered from a problem, a healing on a regular basis (e.g. one session per month) will assist your body in preventing the everyday intrinsic and physical stresses of life from building up within your body.

Do I need to be ill or injured to benefit from a Lomi Lomi?

No. As a cultural norm, people would attend traditional Hawaiian healing modalities as a proactive means of keeping their body and mind in an optimal state of health and wellness. Whereas in Western culture it would be common to visit a doctor or medical professional after falling ill or injured. It would be more common in the Polynesian cultures to attend a healing modality session in order to make it less likely that they would fall ill or injured.

What does Lomi Lomi mean?

The word lomilomi comes from the Hawaiian and Samoan languages. Lomi means "to knead, to rub, or soothe; to work in and out, as the paws of a contented cat. It may also mean "to take and turn, to shift" as in "the sacred shift within you that is inspired by the healing kahuna," spoken twice for emphasis.

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