Nice to meet you!

I'm Tine, a Neurodivergent Creative (Neurocreative),HSP, creative, soul searcher & Intuitive Coach

My mission is to help other Neurocreative, Highly Sensitive people find their superpowers & create a life and business that lights their soul on fire. 

As a child I was happy, full of joy and laughter. No task was too big. I knew I could achieve anything I set my mind to. My mom tells me that, at the age of 3, I snuck off to the top of the mountain on a skiing holiday all by myself only to come racing down the mountain like a firecracker.  I had no fear and nothing was too big to achieve. I was also a very sensitive child. I was able to pick up on feelings and dynamics between adults that I had no business in knowing and would call them out on it.

Obviously that didn't go down well and I've spent the a better part of 30 years trying to hide my neurodivergency, sensitivities and gifts.

For a while I tried to live parallel lives.

The one I thought I should live. With husband, house, building a marketing business based on my Masters in Business Administration and on the path to building a family. 

“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”

The other where I was searching for meaning, spirituality, depths, self-discovery and self-expression. That path brought me on a  journey learning not only yoga, meditation and pranayama but also starting to answer the call to other ancient practices like the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Ho'oponopono and Celtic Practices as well as somatic practices. Working on undoing the layers of conditioning that I had accumulated over the decades.

It was only a matter of time until those 2 worlds couldn't co-exist anymore.

I was trying to fit into a mold of life that wasn't designed for me. A marriage that was toxic and unsustainable. A business that wasn't designed for me. Heck a world that wasn't designed for me. Working endless hours and buying into the hustle and bustle of online business. 

Deep down I knew what I had to do. I had to lose everything that I had built o find myself again. I had to leave behind my husband, my house and my business I had spent 10 years building. I had to make a stand for myself. Reclaim my own freedom, power and gifts. I had to trust in myself and a higher power that I am 100% supported in being exactly who I was born to be. I had to go back to the essence of the child that could achieve anything she wanted to do, claim my neurocreative, highly sensitive nature and gifts and be unapologetically myself.

Born from all this is my calling and where I am today.  I am here to help others live unapologetically, remembering and unlocking their own magic and build a life and business that is unique to them.

I weave together the woo woo and the strategy. I draw upon all the ancient wisdom and practices I've learnt over the years, tap into my own intuitive gifts and call upon spirit and ancestors to support. All while we get down to the nitty gritty and getting clarity on how YOU want to run your businessorganise your systems to support your life and your business and implement all the necessary changes to allow your magic to shine in this world. 

I promise you, that this way of living will not only transform your business but your life. 

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