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My name is


I'm a Neurodivergent Creative (or neurocreative how I like to call it) creating a life and business in a world that's not designed for people like me. 

In empath, highly sensitive and Intuitive and I navigate this world that seems to be on steroids.
I'm a healer, coach, creative, writer, marketing expert but most of I'm here to teach other people like me to create the life you want to live rather than fitting into the box society tries to put us in. 

For all the Neurocreative, Highly Sensitive and Empathic souls that don't feel like they belong and feel like they have to mask at all times. The souls that don't know where to go, what to do or even who they are, because the world we live in isn't designed for us. We all have magic inside of us that demands (and deserves) to be unlocked. I'm on a mission to help you live your most authentic life, create business that is uniquely designed to suit you.

Thank you for landing on this page, I hope you find inspiration and maybe even some answers in my words and work.

Are you ready?

 Ways to work with me

Mind& Soul

Group Program

Neurocreative Enterpreneur Space

We have 9 calls in our time together in a pattern of 3 weeks of calls, one week of breathing space.
I will teach, coach you & mentor you.. We will dive into identifying gaps & blindspots that lead to overwhelm and develop a business strategy that works for you and get the support you need to implement.

Heart & Body

1-to-1 Work

Transformational Work

My transformational program provides a safe space for you to make a stand for yourself and to deeply heal.

We draw upon all the wisdom of the ancient practices, somatic practices and every single tool I've learnt over the years, tap into my intuitive gifts to get to the root of things and call upon spirit and ancestors to support the healing that's required...

When I discover who I am,
I’ll be free.
Ralph Ellison

Join me for my Free Monthly
Neurocreative Cafe

This is a free monthly gathering of neurocreative souls where we gather around the virtual table, where we can take our masks off, meet other neurocreative souls and dedicate some time to our creative practices  (whatever that looks like) using the community as body double to help us get there.

When: Last Tuesday of every month at 6pm Irish Time
Where:  Zoom

This is a completely free event, no strings attached. Just a place to gather and get together and build community.

What past clients say


Ayurvedic Practitioner

When I started working with Tine, I knew who I wanted to serve but had no clear idea about how and I needed a . During the program I created my programs, renewed my website, learned how to created a freebee and lots more. It was a combination of changing mindset and learning to use the tools and everything between.

Caroline Fry

Business Coach

Doing both Tine’s online business course and her mastermind has been inspirational.  It was such an emotional journey that Tine guided us all on.  She was there grounding us in what is true and important to us along with supporting us on how best to achieve this.  She helped us to cut out the noise and listen to what our souls truly wanted.  She created a safe space for people to come together to talk about their fears and struggles in their business and how to recognise our own fears that were holding us back and put us on the path for growth.  

Jeana Iwalani Naluai

Ho'omana Spa Maui

We wanted to bring the Aloha spirit from our live retreats on Maui to a global audience online. Christine was a key-player on our launch team to roll out online courses, webinars, and a thriving membership community on the worldwide web. We literally couldn't have done it without her!

Unlock Your Magic


Welcome to the podcast all about living authentically. Together with my guests I explore what does it mean, how do we get there and all the messy bits in between.

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