to live the Life you really want

Hi, I'm Tine

I'm an empath, highly sensitive and an Intuitive.
I'm a healer, creative , author but most of all I'm a teacher of foundness.

For all the souls that don't feel like they belong. The souls that don't know where to go, what to do or even who they are. I'm on a mission to help those lost souls to live their most authentic life by healing trauma, removing old limiting beliefs,  and tapping into their deepest souls desires.

Because I, too, have experienced profound lostness amd have been on this journey for as long as I can remember to find myself or what I now know as coming home.

Thank you for landing on this page, I hope you find inspiration and maybe even some answers in my words and work.


Work With Me

Vision Your Life

This unique workshop will kickstart you to start dreaming up a life you don't need vacation from. So often we're stuck in a rut and life that isn't necessarily our own.
It's time to change that and start co-creating your life and living it unapologetically. 

1-to-1 Transformational Work

My transformational program provides a safe space for you to make a stand for yourself and to deeply heal.

We draw upon all the wisdom of the ancient practices I've learnt over the years, tap into my intuitive gifts to get to the root of things and call upon spirit and ancestors to support the healing that's required...


Christine has been giving me Lomi Lomi bodywork for over a year now and the change in my body is amazing. There are certain people who can transform not only your body, but also the atmosphere and Christine has that gift. She is comforting and spiritual while providing medicinal bodywork that you don’t realise are actually healing you, because they are so relaxing! I have suffered from misalignment for so many years and Christine was the first one to spot it and treat it properly. I can’t recommend her enough.

Robin, Ireland

Upcoming Events

Recalibrate for the New (Year)

A 3-part journey into reflecting on this past year, connecting with your soul to call in what you truly desire and a look ahead into the new year through the lens of astrology. Hosted by Anna von der Grün and Christine Schnell
18th, 21st & 28th December

Vision Your Life 

A workshop for anyone who wants to finally start living rather than just existing. 

Join me on a fun journey to access dreams you may not know you have and start co-creating your future. 

1 January 2023

When I discover who I am,
I’ll be free. 

Ralph Ellison

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