Unlock Your Magic

Harness your High Sensitivity gifts to live a life of freedom

Are you constantly overwhelmed and overthinking? Tired of people telling you you're 'too much' or 'too sensitive'? Do you crave to no longer feel like an outsider and finally have the self esteem and confidence to live life to its fullest and have meaningful relationships? 

But starting to live aligned with who you truly are and creating a life that gives you the freedom & acceptance you crave without constantly doubting yourself and being overwhelmed seems impossible?

I get it...

 I have lived a life of overwhelm, constant self-doubt and feeling like I don't belong. I've tried to fit in so badly that I put myself into situations that left me drained and physically exhausted. (Nightclubs anyone? brrr shuddering at the thought of that alone) I've spent a life time people pleasing and quietly suffering, because I thought that's just how it has to be in order to be loved and accepted. 

BUT then I learned about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). And my life changed forever, not overnight, but slowly and powerfully. I learnt that there's absolutely nothing wrong with me, that there are others out there who are like me and that actually being HSP is a gift and superpower. I learned to trust myself, gain the self-esteem I need to go through life unapologetically.

One baby step at a time.
One foot in front of the other... 

I'll let you in on a bit of a secret...
The two things that have made the biggest difference on my journey to coming back to myself and embracing who I am are 

A mentor to guide me through the overwhelm and self-doubts and help me grow to trust myself and my intuition and develop the self-esteem and belief I had lost. 

A community of people just like me who are all on this journey together and don't let anything stop them and support each other

We all struggle, but having that support and encouragement 
has made ALL the difference.

What if you could turn your highly sensitive traits into your own superpower and create a life that not only excites you, but fulfills you?

That's where the Unlock Your Magic comes in...

Receiving the tools, tips and tricks you need to not only overcome the overwhelm, but accept and celebrate yourself for who you.

Imagine having a support network of fellow HSPs you can reach out to when life gets too much and you need someone to truly understands you. 

 Being guided by me as your mentor and facilitator coaching you though limiting beliefs and blocks that stop you from doing things. 

Being able to finally create the life you truly want to live while navigating the world around you. 

“High sensitivity is not a disease or a disorder. It’s not something that needs to be overcome or fixed.” — Jenn Granneman

How It Works

It takes a village is not just a saying.

It's based on the knowledge that having guidance and support system is vital to feel safe and accepted and thrive as an individual in life.

In our weekly calls I coach, guide and mentor you through understanding your inner world,  all the fears, limiting beliefs and self-doubts in order to navigate the outside world with confidence and on your terms.

You will receive meditations, a reading list and practices to get you to routinely get to know yourself and take action to claiming your gifts.

You will be part of small pods (max 3 people) from the group for extra support and to celebrate the wins.

Here's a roadmap of what our journey together looks like:

Roadmap of our Time together


Understanding your Inner Self

You will uncover what being HSP really means and how it affects your inner thinking and belief system so that you can become closer to your true self. 


Looking at why you may be lacking self-esteem and how you can start build it back up so that you can live live unapologetically. 

Self Care

We will look at what self-care looks like as a HSP and how you can continuously incorporate it in to your life to keep us from living a life of overwhelm


Intuition & Self Trust

We will be developing your self-trust & harnessing your intuition to navigate the world around you and to empower you to make decision based on your needs rather than that of others. 


You will learn how to set boundaries so that you can navigate your relationships without sacrificing yourself in the process. 


You will learn how to communicate your needs safely & effectively with those around you so that you can finally be understood. 

What You'll Get

Weekly Meetings & Coaching

For 8 weeks we will be meeting online weekly for 1.5.  I will teach, coach you & mentor you. We will cover all the topics above, learn principles and get a greater understanding on how you can navigate the world. 


Community and connection are a big part of this. You will be part of a group of women who are all in this together to share and support each other. 


Each week we set out what you want to achieve until our next meeting. You will be put into a small pod (max 3 people) of members of the group as an additional and tight knit support to help and encourage each other through this journey. 

Tools & Inner work

You will receive all the tools, tips and tricks you need to navigate your inner and outer world as a HSP.

More importantly you will receive the tools you need to overcome feeling overwhelmed, the lack of self worth and feeling like not fitting in. You will learn how to develop a growth mindset, release any blocks and help you move forward to live the life you truly want. 

What Others Say


Christine has just worked with me on the launch of The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival, Ireland's first ever international event of its kind. She was instrumental in helping me turn that vision into a successful reality that brought happiness to hundreds of people.


We wanted to bring the Aloha spirit from our live retreats on Maui to a global audience online. Christine was a key-player on our launch team to roll out online courses, webinars, and a thriving membership community on the worldwide web. We literally couldn't have done it without her!

Jeana Iwalani Naluai/

Who this is for?

This is for anyone who identifies as a Highly Sensitive Person. 

Anyone who feels overwhelmed in a world full of stimuli and feels like an outsider. 

Anyone who is wanting to thrive in life rather than struggle through the world. 

Anyone who is ready to show up courageously to do the inner work it requires to stand in their own sovereignty to navigate the outer world on their own terms.

Anyone who is ready to release any limiting beliefs to be done and take true responsibility for themselves and how they show up in this world.

Anyone who is ready to truly trust themselves and live unapologetically in this world. 

Tine Schnell

 I'm a healer, wisdom carrier of ancient traditions, tranformational coach, yoga teacher, creative and I am Highly Sensitive.
I have been doing the inner work it requires for me to truly live my life authentically as a Highly Sensitive Person for as long as I can remember. And I started this program so you can too. 

Your Investment

Starting week of
21 September 2020


  • 8 Weekly Online Group Coaching Sessions (1,5hrs) using Zoom* 
  • Community in form of a Private Facebook Group
  • Practices, meditations, tools etc
  • Connection via small Pods (Max 3 people) 

If you've been waiting for a sign from the Universe to start living your life on your terms, this is it.
What are you waiting for?

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