Freedom & Purpose

Starting week of 25 July 2022

Are you a healer, bodyworker, yoga teacher or other holistic practitioner who knows deep in their bones you're meant to do big work? That it's time to rise and follow that whisper of your soul.

But starting to live aligned with your purpose and a life that gives you the freedom you are longing for while at the same time make an impact on this planet seems impossible?

Or you already have started on this path and have a business or side hustle, but there's no freedom in sight, but endless grind and hustle and you're working more hours than in a corporate job.

Maybe you haven't started your business yet, because that little voice inside tells you:
Who am I do this?

I don't have what it takes
I'm not worth it
I don't have the business skills to make it
I can't make money doing what I love
Somebody else is already doing what I do.

I get it...

I have the same dialog in my head all the time and I've been there myself. Working 16 hour days just to get by, doubting myself every step of the way.
Not actually starting a project because what's the point. Or starting it but giving up when it's hard or I come up against critical self beliefs that sabotage me. And believe me, those stories and self beliefs are STRONG. 

BUT I have learnt not to follow that voice, take action and work through all the limiting beliefs that show up. 

One baby step at a time.
One foot in front of the other... 

I'll let you in a bit of a secret...
The two things that have made the biggest difference in my 8 years as multipotentialite and multiple business owner? 

A mentor to guide me through my blindspots and help me grow to places I couldn't even imagine possible 

A network of like minded people who don't let anything stop them and support each other

We all get doubts, but having that support and encouragement
has made ALL the difference.

What if you could create the business that not only supports you, but fulfills you?

That's where the Freedom & Purpose Mastermind comes in...

Imagine gathering every week with a group of like-minded people with the same mission and commitment.

Imagine having a support network you can reach out to when the doubts and limiting beliefs creep in.

 Being guided by me as your mentor and facilitator coaching you though limiting beliefs and blocks that stop you from doing things. 

Receiving the tools, tips and tricks to create a business that lights you up and gives you the freedom you want, but that would take you years to figure out yourself? 

An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied” Arnold Glasow

How It Works

It takes a village is not just a saying.

It's based on the knowledge that having guidance and support system is vital to achieve the big things in life.

In our weekly Mastermind calls I coach, guide and mentor you through all the fears, limiting belief and sabotaging behaviours that have kept you from creating the life you really want to live.
Starting with your vision all the way through creating programs and connecting to your ideal clients to sell them.

You will receive workbooks, meditations, a reading list and practices to get you to routinely take action towards your goal and raise your vibration.

You will get an accountability partner from the group for accountability, support and to celebrate the wins. 

You have the option to invest in 8 week blocks at a time although I highly recommend you keep the intention open to bigger and more space - committing to making your dream a reality in 2020 which is investing in at least 3 blocks (6 months finishing in October)

Here's a roadmap of what the blocks generally look like

Roadmap of our Time together

Phase 1 - The Foundations


Together we will uncover what your vision or dream really is and put shape to it so you can start taking steps to make it a reality

Outcome: Clarity & Coherence 


Looking at what business model suits you & how you want to work and create a marketing plan to guide you through the next 6 month
Outcome: Tailored Action Plan

Ideal Clients

We will figure out who your ideal clients are & how to speak their language so you can directly speak to them

Outcome: Tailored Client facing communication


We will create packages and offerings that you can start selling straight away.
Outcome: Clear tailored products & offerings ready to sell

Phase 2 - Visibility


Branding is the key to the best communication with your clients. We'll look at everything! 

Outcome: Coherent look


Websites are today's business card and we all need one. We will bring all the work we've done so far together to get your website out into the world.

Outcome Option 1: Self-made Website

Outcome Option 2: Professionally designed 4 page website for an additional €600

Connecting to your clients

will help you break through the fears of putting yourself out there, finding your own unique voice and help you enroll students into your programs or book clients.

Outcome: Concrete actions to find potential clients & convert them

Phase 3 - Expansion

Social Media

We will create a content plan to get you noticed with your audience and continuously connect to clients, grow your audience.

Outcome: 6 months Content Plan 


Now that all the foundations are in place it's time to get into consistent marketing efforts to continue to grow your business, reach an even wider audience and to get into habits to work smarter not harder

Outcome: Build an email list of potential clients


Christine is a brilliant guide to have walking along side you when birthing a project. She helped me to take a strategic overview, break things into bite sizes, coached me around some sticky pieces and elegantly demystified the technology. She is an amazing way-shower and guide.

Mari Kennedy

What You'll Get

Weekly Meetings & Coaching

For 8 weeks we will be meeting online weekly for 1.5-2 hours + 1 Personal 1:1 Coaching session.  I will teach, coach you & mentor you. We will cover various topics, do active exercises as well as meditations, etc. 


Community and connection are a big part of this. You will be part of a group of women who are all in this together to share ,support and challenge each other. 


Each week we set out what we want to achieve until our next meeting. You will be paired with another member of the group as accountability buddy to help and encourage each other. In addition,  I will check in with each and everyone personally weekly to check in on your progress & help you achieve your goal. 

Tools & Mindset work

You will receive all the tools, tips and tricks you need to create an efficient and effective business and to streamline workflows.

More importantly however, you will receive the tools you need to develop a growth mindset, release any blocks and help you move forward. Tools to help you raise your frequency and vibration to step out of the hustle mode.

Copy of my book 'Clarity'

In addition to a reading list, you'll also receive a hard copy of my book 'clarity' which I have written for people exactly like you. For someone who is on a mission to be aligned with their purpose, creating a business that they love and that gives them the freedom to live a life they truly want. It will give you additional concepts and exercises you can follow along.

What Others Say


Christine has just worked with me on the launch of The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival, Ireland's first ever international event of its kind. She was instrumental in helping me turn that vision into a successful reality that brought happiness to hundreds of people.


We wanted to bring the Aloha spirit from our live retreats on Maui to a global audience online. Christine was a key-player on our launch team to roll out online courses, webinars, and a thriving membership community on the worldwide web. We literally couldn't have done it without her!

Jeana Iwalani Naluai/


Christine has just worked with me on the launch of The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival, Ireland's first ever international event of its kind. She was instrumental in helping me turn that vision into a successful reality that brought happiness to hundreds of people.


When I started the mastermind with Tine, I knew who I wanted to serve but had no clear idea about how and I needed a . During the program I created my programs, renewed my website, learned how to created a freebee and lots more. It was a combination of changing mindset and learning to use the tools and everything between.

Most important: it is not only about growing your business. It is about how to work towards the life you wish to live....

Antke Hepkema

Why should you trust me ? 

Good question, glad you asked...

Because whenever I set my mind to do something I get it done. Here's just a few things from that list:

I moved country with no job or place to live

I quit my secure 9-5 job to create multiple businesses

I wrote a book

Created a podcast about mental health

I have manifested and created a trip of a lifetime to Hawaii and lots more...

Furthermore, I have guided a lot of different people to do the same. To reach their goals, from photographers and hair stylists, to healers and visionaries. I've helped them connect the dots.

Taking something that was in their mind and imagination to reality. Whether it's small like creating a blog or big like creating a worldwide community generating thousands of euro in revenue for them every month. 

It all starts with an idea.

Creating it takes determination, guidance and support.

But I very much believe you can do anything you set your mind to.

Tine Schnell

I'm a Yoga Teacher, Lomi Lomi Practitioner, Healer, Intuitive, Photographer, Author, Podcaster and Business mentor. I have been running multiple business for nearly 10 years and am passionate about people following their heart & souls to create a life that they actually like living and that fulfills them. 

Your Investment

Supported Access

For those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from access supplemented by the community.



  • 8 Weekly Online Group Coaching Sessions (1,5-2hrs) using Zoom* 
  • 1 x Private Coaching Session
  • Worksheets, meditations, tools etc
  • Accountability 
  • Small Group (Max 8 people)
  • Copy of my book 'Clarity'
Fair Access

For those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay fair value for the experience. 



  • 8 Weekly Online Group Coaching Sessions (1,5-2hrs) using Zoom* 
  • 1 x Private Coaching Session
  • Worksheets, meditations, tools etc
  • Accountability 
  • Small Group (Max 8 people)
  • Copy of my book 'Clarity'

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